1st July 2017

Sat.  Pray for peaceful atmosphere in the Nation so that CRUDAN can be able to implement its projects without any disruptions.

4th July 2017

Tue. Thank God for the successful elections of zonal committee members in the NEZ and a Board representative. Pray that He will grant them needed wisdom and zeal in running the zone with more results to the glory of God.

7th July 2017

Fri. Thank God for a successful workshop for Auditors and Finance Officers organized by Bread for the World and anchored by CRUDAN. Pray that it will achieve the desired goals and objectives.

10th July 2017

Mon. Bread for the world phase has been extended to December, 2017 and new phase starts by December 2017. Pray for God’s favour for the new proposal being developed.

13th July 2017

Thur. Pray for CRUDAN Member Organizations and non-members who presently are contending with serious conflicts that God will give them wisdom and peace that passes all understanding and that they come out of the conflicts better to accomplish His purpose.

16th July 2017

Sun. Pray for Life Transformation Ministry (LTM) for God’s leadership as they embark on their 2017 evangelistic outreaches, follow- up and discipleship, capacity building workshops activities.

19th July 2017

Wed. Harvest Leaders Network has gone through some changes and re-structuring for maximum productivity. Pray for God’s wisdom for the leadership as they work with missionaries to raise funds for the implementation of its activities.

22th July 2017

Sat. Pray for Clearview Integrity Foundation (CIF) in the Northeast zone for more volunteers to join the foundation. Pray also for good health for the staff and the volunteers.

25th July 2017

Tue. Thank God for the Federal governments’ anti-corruption stance which has probably led to the current whistle blowing trend and the recovery of some of Nigeria’s looted or mismanaged funds.

28th July 2017

Fri. Thank God for the successes recorded during the CRUDAN – CAN lecture in CRUDAN NEZ. Pray that He will strengthen the collaboration and relationship between CRUDAN and Adamawa State CAN for the benefit of the church.

31st July 2017

Mon. Thank God for the successes recorded by Daughters of Abraham Foundation in assisting the girl child to discover her place in Christ and for more harvest of souls.

3rd August 2017

Thur. Pray for Interfaith Mediation Centre Kaduna for funding and more staff to be effective and efficient in carrying out its activities.

6th August 2017

Sun. Mrs. Adeoye Christiana is into Youth Development and Capacity building. Pray for open doors, abundant resources, wisdom and strong health to do her work.

9th August 2017

Wed. Pray for Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church, Akure as they embrace the Christian Wholistic Development, especially, the youth empowerment that God will bless them to make the needed impact.

12th August 2017

Sat. Pray for Madam Rose of SCEF that she will succeed in her ministry to youth and the less privileged, as she partners with CRUDAN for capacity building and networking.

15th August 2017


Pray for all CRUDAN Central Zone Members, especially individuals that they will be encouraged and be involved in attending workshops and in payment of annual dues.

18th August 2017

Fri.Pray that God will provide funding for Bethesda Orphanage in Oju, Benue State to cater for the needs of the orphans, current staff and to employ more hands for the organization.

21th August 2017


The economic situation of the country has greatly affected many people. Pray for the less privileged people in the society to surmount these challenges caused by the hardship, and avail themselves of opportunities to survive.

24th August 2017


Thank God for E-Way for Development, Abuja, a CRUDAN MO engaging in assisting women and the youth through capacity building and provision of infrastructure that they will be able to fund their activities successfully.

27th August 2017


Pray for the Central Zonal Committee members that God will help them to be united and committed to the work given to them as well as contribute positively to the growth of the zone.

30th August 2017


Pray along with ADVANCE as it works alongside the United Evangelical Church (UEC) to ensure that church’s institutions become safe places where all Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) grow up in a loving and caring environment, realising their full potential and the full dignity and rights of children are upheld and respected

2nd September 2017


Pray for Christian Centre for Evangelization, Tanke, Ilorin, in CRUDAN SWZ open doors as it works to meet the needs of others that God will keep meeting their needs according to ‘His riches in glory in Christ Jesus’.

5th September 2017


PPray for the SW Zonal committee members-Rev. Samuel Ajayi-Chairperson, Mrs. Hannah Anighoro -Vice Chairperson, Rev. Mrs. Sarah Oladimeji- Treasurer, Bishop Bankole Fabusoro- P.R.O, Ven. Peter Abiola Omoleye- Secretary & Rev. Chris Akintunde Aluko- Zonal Board representative, for wisdom and strength to lead the zone into an enviable position.

8th September 2017


PToday is “International Literacy Day”. Pray for wisdom for government to invest more resources and provide an enabling environment for the promotion of literacy for sustainable development.

11th September 2017


PPray for the new zonal committee members in the North West Zone for the zeal to work in bringing unity among members in the zones.

14th September 2017


PThe humanitarian crises across the country has assumed a dimension beyond comprehension. Pray for IDPs in Abuja who are in dire need for a better livelihood and are looking up to Christians and churches for direction and provisions.

17th September 2017


PPray for Anuoluwapo Initiative on Development of Education (AIDE) in Abuja, for God’s direction and resources to work on developing the organization so that the aims and objectives of establishing the organization will be achieved.

20th September 2017


PPray for newly registered members in the Central Zone that there will be a better collaboration between them and CRUDAN and for the use of their gifts and talents to make the association grow.

23rd September 2017


PPray for God’s favour for North West Zone as it visits Member Organizations and Individual Members to encourage them to pay Annual dues and attend CRUDAN’s activities.

26th September 2017


PPray for wisdom for the leadership of Total Development International Foundation (TODEV), Ibadan, CRUDAN Southwest zone as they provide direction through improved knowledge and skills for sustainable community development.

29th September 2017


PPray for the DO NO HARM Network programmes, meetings and visits that it will yield the desire results and make impact in the lives of individuals and organizations in the country.

2nd October 2017


PToday is “International Day of Non- Violence”. Pray for all stakeholders to disseminate the message of non-violence through education and public awareness in order to secure a culture of peace, tolerance, understanding and non-violence among nations faced with crises.

5th October 2017


PToday marks “World Teachers’ Day”. Pray for governments at all levels to support teachers’ effectiveness by providing good conditions of employment, including appropriate contracts and salaries, and prospects for career progression as well as promotion of good conditions in the work environment.

8th October 2017


PLack of patience for one another is often the cause of many delays, accidents and death experienced on our roads. Pray that motorists and motorcycle riders will exercise the needed patience where this is required, and that individuals will learn to be patient with each other.

11th October 2017


PToday is “International Day of the Girl Child”. Pray against all forms of violence against girls in all parts of the country; and that effort should create an enabling environment where violence against women and girls is never tolerated and girls are empowered to reach their full potentials.

14th October 2017


PPray for more success as THE CRUDAN SWZ seeks to expand membership especially in Lagos, Ogun, Kogi, Kwara and Ondo States.

17th October 2017


PToday marks “International Day for the Eradication of Poverty”. Pray for increased commitment by CSOs and Governments at all levels in fighting poverty in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

20th October 2017


PMission & Rural Support Initiative in the Central Zone of CRUDAN wishes to be connected with donor agencies for funds to help them reach out to Christian Missionaries. Pray for God’s leading.

23rd October 2017


P Thank God for the provision of an office accommodation for the CRUDAN Liaison Office through Harvest Leaders Network Abuja.

26th October 2017


P Pray for the SW Zonal Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Hannah Anighoro of Esto Perpetua Development Initiatives for wisdom and strong health as she goes about her work.

29th October 2017


P Changing Life Rescue Initiative its interested in capacity building, wholistic ministry and how to respond to gender issues. Pray for wisdom and opportunities as they implement activities in the Central Zone of CRUDAN.

1st November 2017


P Today is “International Youth Day. Pray for young women and men across the world to acknowledge the power of peace and development. Pray also that many of them who have not found inner peace will seek peace in Christ.

4th November 2017


P Pray for Life Transformation Ministry (LTM) for God’s provision of funding to carry out her plans to His own glory. Pray also that her members will remain committed and sacrificial in carrying out the Lord’s mandate.

7th November 2017


P Pray for the success of the Oxfam (GB) PRO-ACT Project in the North east as it targets 35,000 households and 280,000 individuals for food security. Pray also that these targets will be achieved.

10th November 2017


P Pray for Yohan Adult Education (YAE) that God will help them to establish at least one center in each of the 36 States and Abuja to compliment the effort of CRUDAN towards evangelizing the world.

13th November 2017


PPray for the success in all CRUDAN programmes in this quarter. Pray also for God to strengthen the beneficiaries of the programmes so that they can as well affect other people in their respective communities.

16th November 2017


PToday marks “International Day of Tolerance”. Pray for people and governments to actively combat fear, hatred and extremism with dialogue, understanding and mutual respect. Pray against the forces of division but instead unity for our shared future

19th November 2017


PPray for Mrs. Olatidoye, for God’s blessings, protection and that He will continue to use her as instrument of positive change for the youth.

22nd November 2017


PPray for Rev. Evan. Babangida Aba Adam who is into church planting and development work that God would give him the grace & boldness even as he evangelizes amidst the Fulani’s in the Central Zone of CRUDAN.

25th November 2017


PToday marks “The 16 Days of Activism Against Women Violence”. Pray for the elimination of Violence Against Women and for adequate awareness to be raised about gender-based violence as a human rights issue.

28th November 2017


PPray for POD of ECWA in Jos, Plateau State who are in need of project vehicles, that God will open doors for them.

1st December 2017


P Today Marks “World’s AIDS Day”. Pray for governments at all levels to explore all available means to close the gap between people who have access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services and people who are being left behind.

4th December 2017


P Christian Voice Initiative Zamfara needs funds to purchase land and to employ more staff. Pray that the Lord will provide them with the necessary equipment to carry out this gigantic project.

7th December 2017


PMost churches require trainings for staff on various developmental related issues. Pray that as CRUDAN collaborates with them in this regard, they will be willing to receive such trainings for the growth of their members. Pray also that more churches will have development departments to facilitate the church development projects.

10th December 2017


PToday is “Human Rights Day”, Pray for the voices of women, youth, minorities, persons with disabilities, indigent people, the poor and marginalized to be heard and respected in the public life and be included in political decision-making.

13th December 2017


PPray for Oasis Welfare and Empowerment Programme (OWEP) of Kwara State for strength to minister to the psycho-spiritual welfare need of church members and deliver humanitarian service to their communities.

16th December 2017


PPray for Mission for Justice and Mercy in CRUDAN Southeast zone for God to increase them financially to carry out people oriented programmes that will transform the lives of the people.

19th December 2017


PThere are on-going attacks by armed miscreants (herdsmen) in states under the Central zone. Pray for unity among the affected communities in being security conscious and for government intervention to protect such communities.

22nd December 2017


PPray for Rev. Eric Ighalo, the CRUDAN Chairperson for God to grant him divine wisdom and protection as he continues to mobilize more support for CRUDAN in the Southwest zone especially Lagos State, and elsewhere.

25th December 2017


P Thank God for the gift of Jesus Christ on this date being marked “Christmas”. Pray that Christians all over the world will demonstrate the true meaning of Christmas as they celebrate today.

28th December 2017


P Pray for greater funding opportunities for CRUDAN in the next phase (2018-2020) that God Will continue to open doors and grant support to enable it implement more people oriented programmes.

31th December 2017


P Making New Year Resolutions are good. It is one thing to make resolution, it is another thing to fulfil it. Pray that as people make New year (2018) resolutions today, they will be able to fulfil it to the glory and honour of God.

3rd January 2018


P Kathy Life Builder Foundation located in Jos, addresses the needs of people with sickle cell in Plateau State. They provide drugs to help their clients and also create awareness on Sickle Cell. Pray for support from government, organizations and individuals to enable them care for their target beneficiaries.

6th January 2018


P Pray for Women Initiative in Bukuru, Jos South who are in need of institutional support for open doors as it reaches out to women in areas of health, skills, education and empowerment. They are in need of institutional capacity support as well as human resource.

9th January 2018


P As CRUDAN continues with the implementation of CRUDAN- Tearfund BUZA Project in the Northeast, Pray for more impact, God’s guidance and protection for staff.

12th January 2018


P Pray for the Redeemed Aids Programme Action Committee(RAPAC) that their programmes will attract support from donors and God’s blessings upon the entire RCCG family.

15th January 2018


P The Central Zone has not only a challenge of crises but also of youth substance abuse. Pray for interventions at different levels that will help stem the tide of the effects of substance abuse such as violence, rape, crime, etc.

18th January 2018


P Pray for more wisdom, grace, understanding, and enablement for all CRUDAN staff to continue to implement CRUDAN activities in its 5 zones and Headquarter.

21st January 2018


P Pray for Faith Community Counselling Organization that grace will be granted unto them as they engage in the process of behavioural change of youths in Ebonyi State through education both spiritually and physically.

24th January 2018


P Pray for strength for Central Zone’s involvement in Conflict Transformation and Peace Building as the issues bordering on crises is prevalent in the Zone.

27th January 2018


P Pray for Throne of Grace Church in CRUDAN Southeast zone that God will continue to give them the grace to continue to collaborate with CRUDAN in implementing their activities.

30th January 2018


P Thank God for the partnership between Urban Ministry, Jos with Sahara Farms and Small-Scale Women Farmers Organization in Nigeria (SWOFON) in cultivating spices and soya beans. Pray that it will be sustained.

2nd February 2018


P Pray for Destiny Daughters Ikwo- a CRUDAN Member organization in the southeast zone for favor in attracting funds for the organization’s programs.

5th February 2018


P GAWON Foundation has been involved in community development activities with priority of women empowerment, and agriculture. Pray for availability of funds.

8th February 2018


P Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) is one of the foremost student ministries in Nigeria reaching out to young people with the gospel of Christ. Pray for increased support for its staff and ministry as they reach out to those who have benefited from its outreaches.

11th February 2018


P Pray for understanding for church leaders in the South West zone to embrace and implement Christian Wholistic Development in their various churches and community.

14th February 2018


P Pray for CRUDAN members in all its zones, that the Lord will open them up to more creative ways of mobilizing resources to carry out Christian Wholistic Development.

17th February 2018


P Pray for JDPC Yola Catholic Diocese for God’s provision as the bear the burden of feeding and caring for thousands of displaced persons in the Northeast zone.

20th February 2018


PThere has been an increase in rape cases in Nigeria in recent times. Pray that God will protect all women/girls from all these evil fellows that are bent in destroying their future.

23rd February 2018


P The crime rate in the FCT has assumed an alarming dimension, pray for safety for the lives of members and for God’s protection for our properties.

26th February 2018


P Pray for high patronage of the Julie Useni Hall newly constructed within Daughters of Abraham Foundation premises in Abuja.

1st March, 2018.


P Pray for God’s intervention and provision for the survivors and the bereaved of incessant herdsmen attack in Benue, Plateau, Taraba, and Adamawa States and that He will replenish all the losses incurred.

4th March, 2018.


P The Fellowship of Christian Student (FCS) has been working with students in secondary and tertiary schools for decades. Pray that God will keep helping them to continue to access resources to reach out to more young people in this challenging generation.

7th March, 2018.


Pray for internally displaced Persons that are in camps within CRUDAN Central Zone. Pray for God’s provision of food, shelter, water, hygienc, psychosocial support and funding for the organisation that are supporting them

10th March, 2018.


Pray for the members of CAN in the Southwest zone that they will embrace Christian wholistic development initiatives and engage in people oriented programme across the states.

13th March, 2018.


Pray for Tax Justice and Governance Platform (TJ & GP) Nigeria, a platform that CRUDAN Southeast belongs to; that the reason for its establishment will be realized.

16th March, 2018.


Thank God for the good health He is granding all CRUDAN staff as they carry out their work in difficult situations. pray for good health and protection against any ailment.

19th March, 2018.


Pray for financial favour for CRUDAN for all its Member Organizations so that they can pay their Annual Dues, training fees, and other consultancy fees.

22nd March, 2018.


Today marks “World Day of Water”, Pray for continued efforts and more commitment of government at all levels and the Civil Society Organizations in providing water to the populace.

2nd July 2017

Sun. CRUDAN embarks on fundraising in 2017 and beyond, pray that those approached- churches, individuals, organizations, etc. will catch the vision and mission of the organization, and donate resources.

5th July 2017

Wed.  Women Africa, a CRUDAN Member Organization in the South west is working on empowering women across Africa with skills and financial empowerment. Pray for open doors and success in their activities and for impact as the network with CRUDAN.

8th July 2017

Sat.  Pray that the perpetrators of Kidnapping in the country will be fished out from their hide outs and be brought to book so that peace will reign in the country.

11th July 2017

Tues.  Pray for cordial working relationship between the CRUDAN Guesthouse Board members and the Staff and also for team work and understanding among staff for the growth of the Guesthouse.

14th July 2017

Fri.  Thank God for His protection and guidance for Central Zone Facilitator and the Admin Assistant. Pray for more grace and enthusiasm and for creativity as they carry out their duties

17th July 2017

Mon.  Pray for Fantsum Foundation in CRUDAN Northwest zone to overcome security challenges that has affected the smooth implementation of its activities.Pray also for peace to be restored in the region

20th July 2017

Thur.  Pray for the newly elected Northwest Board Representative and Southeast Trustee member, that God will grant them wisdom and understanding as they represent the zones. Pray also for journey mercies as they travel to and for Board meetings and other assigned duties.

23th July 2017

Sun.  Pray for Mrs. Tuman, a member of CRUDAN, who is passionate in lifting women out of bondage that the Lord will enlarge her territory and grant her success.

26th July 2017

Wed.  Pray for the DO NO HARM Coordinator and the Assistant; Ada and Blessing for wisdom, good health, strength and understanding as they work together to execute the project.

29th July 2017

Sat.  Pray for God’s grace for Rev. Dr. Ezekiel Babatunde, the former South west zonal Chairperson, for good health and long life.

1st August 2017

Tue.  Ebere Okey Onyema of Healthy Living & Women Empowerment Initiative is committed to promoting optimum health through nutrition and positive life styles for her people. Pray for God’s financial breakthrough and favour as it carries out this noble task.

4th August 2017

Fri. Pray for Grace and Light International Ministry, Jos, Plateau State, working in HIV/AIDS and other interventions for wisdom and provision to continue their work.

7th August 2017

Mon. Pray for open doors of funds and more partnership opportunities for Yohans Adult Education to achieve the sustainability of the organization.

10th August 2017

Thur. Thank God Rev. Shafa, the Executive Director of Shallomi Int’l for his zeal in CRUDAN’s work and the effort he is putting in assisting in the zone that the Lord will continue to strengthen him.

13th August 2017

Sun.  Pray for ELIM Christian Vocational Training Centre (CVTC), Oju, Benue State working in Inclusive Education intervention Pray for Pastor Rex Ajenifuja of Hope for HIV/AIDS International for more anointing, provision and divine health/wisdom to fulfill God’s mandate in his life.

16th August 2017


Pray for Clearview Integrity Foundation (CIF) in the Northeast that God’s grace and favour will abound for more partnership and collaborations within and outside Nigeria.

19th August 2017


Church planting/mission work is the thematic area of Oyelami Aderemi Timothy. Pray for God’s divine help for him to fulfill this mandate.

22th August 2017


Thank God for Gideon Zagi of Soul Harvesters, Abuja as he collaborates with CRUDAN that the Lord will provide for his ministry needs so that he can function effectively.

25th August 2017


Nigerians at all levels are experiencing hard time ranging from the persistent Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria’s North East, constant raids and bloody attacks by Fulani herdsmen on communities especially in the North Central, North-West and South West. Pray for God’s wisdom for the leadership of the country to intervene appropriately and objectively.

28th August 2017


Pray that the security situation in Borno and Yobe States will dramatically improve and conducive for CRUDAN programmes and activities for a wider coverage across the zone

31st August 2017


As CRUDAN engages with other networks and civil society organizations in carrying out its activities, pray for focus and steadfastness so that it does not lose sight of the bigger picture for which it exists.

3rd September 2017


As Thank God for Rev and Mrs. I. Majam as they steer the affairs of Harvest Leaders Network Nigeria, for good health and provision even as they embark on numerous journeys.

6th September 2017


Thank God for the good health He is granting all CRUDAN staff in carrying out their work. Pray for perfect health and protection against any ailment.

9th September 2017


Pray for good health for Mrs. Anne Addeh and Lawretta Okolo of E-Way for Development and also for their family members who have been challenged over the past that the Lord will visit them and grant them divine healing.

12th September 2017


Pray for the unity of the Church and her effective collaboration with Christian NGOs across the globe towards the propagation of the gospel.

15th September 2017


Today is “International Day for Democracy”. Pray for Governments in developing countries to strengthen national programmes devoted to the promotion and consolidation of democracy.

18th September 2017


The economic situation in the country has affected many organizations negatively.Pray for Shallom International who are working with the poor that they will be able to raise funds for this noble activity.

21st September 2017


Pray for the States governments who owed workers’ salaries despite the Federal Governments’ bailout funds given to them to settle all outstanding salaries to see the need to pay to reduce the untold hardship many Nigerian families are facing.

24th September 2017


Pray for Rev. Dr. John Garba,Senior Pastor of ECWA Church IduGbayi Abuja as he promotes CRUDAN activities among his colleagues in the FCT that God will grant him success.

27th September 2017


Shalom Initiative Ministry is into Community Development through evangelism and leadership training. Pray for more grace and opportunity to reach out to the right people in CRUDAN Central Zone.

30th September 2017


Pray for Engr. Lawrence Osho as he coordinates CRUDAN activities in his church- Christian Teaching Centre, Abuja for open doors and results among the members.

3rd October 2017


CLAPAI in Central zone provides food, shelter, clothing and education to the less privileged in the community, but are faced with financial challenge which limits them from achieving their goals. They also desire to get involved in conflict transformation & peace building and development networking programs. Pray for God’s provision for them.

6th October 2017


Pray for CAN Kaduna State and CAN Northern states for the demise of late Elder Saidu Dog’s family as they go through this painful exit of their husband and father, they will still hold unto God mighty.

9th October 2017


Today is “World Post Day”. Pray for the creation and maintenance of a structure for the free flow of mails within and around the world.

12th October 2017


Pray for Mr. Darlington K. Omotoso, a member of CRUDAN for God’s provision even as he discharges his duties as a journalist and mentor to young people in his church and environment.

15th October 2017


Today is “International Day of Rural Women”. Thank God for the critical role and contribution of rural women, in enhancing agricultural and rural development in addition to the vital role they carry in caring for children, older persons and the sick.

18th October 2017


Pray for Centre for Correction & Human Developments (CCFD) for wisdom, and guidance to create change and life transformation among youths.

21st October 2017


Youth and Adult Literacy is one of the thematic areas of Pleroma Mission Inc., (PLEROMA). Pray that God will bless their effort and grant them support as they make impact in Kogi State.

24th October 2017


Pray for HARSA Foundation as they enter a new phase that God will provide them funding, land and volunteers staff for the work.

27th October 2017


Pray FOR Clear view Integrity Foundation (CIF) in the Northeast zone that she will continue to be a model of integrity in all projects and programs so as to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

30th October 2017


Pray for MOs and IMs at the Zones for blessing, promotion and provision of every necessary needs and for them to collaborate and promote Wholistic Development in Nigeria.

2nd November 2017


Pray for Rev. Samuel Ajayi of Child and Youth Development Forum (CHIYODEF) for good health, protection and wisdom as he continues to train people across the country on Church and Community Mobilization Process(CCMP).

5th November 2017


Pray for the success of mentoring, counseling and follow-up visits by CRUDAN Programme Officers and Facilitators in the zones this year that it will yield positive results. Pray also for safety and protection as they travel round.

8th November 2017


Pray for Peniel Global Foundation, Oshogbo. Thank God for what the Lord is doing in the foundation. Also, pray that the organization will share effectively on youth empowerment and family life skills development issues.

11th November 2017


Pray for CRUDAN members of Board and Staff to reach out to many who have not heard about Christ with its Vision and Mission.

14th November 2017


Today marks “World Diabetes Day”. Pray for available resources for governments and other well- wishers to promote and improve human health and provide access to treatment for people living with the disease.

17th November 2017


Pray for Fruitful partnership between Yohan Adult Education and the Movement for Disaster Risks Reduction in transforming our communities towards a positive development.

20th November 2017


Pray for the new leadership of YMCA that as they come on Board that God will direct them.

26th November 2017


Pray for CRUDAN members in the FCT who are in a unique location that God will enable them to be involved in activities that will make positive impact in the territory.

26th November 2017


Pray for CRUDAN members in the FCT who are in a unique location that God will enable them to be involved in activities that will make positive impact in the territory.

29th November 2017


Agape Women Initiative for Sustainable Development in CRUDAN Central Zone are trusting God for funds to carry out their programs smoothly. Pray for God to provide open doors of funding for them.

2nd December 2017


Centre For Gods Favorites needs funding in order to meet the needs of their beneficiaries; widows, orphans and OVC’s. They also need a new office accommodation to make the organization more visible. Pray for God’s provision

5th December 2017


Pray for a continuous sense of direction for CRUDAN Board members as they meet to formulate policies and decisions for the progress of the organization

8th December 2017


Pray for CRUDAN staff in the Accounts Section for God’s wisdom and direction in their work.

11th December 2017


Pray for outgone Bishop of Ekiti West, Rt. Rev. Samuel Oke that God will continue to grant him strength in retirement and sustain him.

14th December 2017


Pray for Diocese of Ekiti West Anglican Communion, especially the new Bishop Rt. Rev. Adepoju that God will continue to bless his tenure and empower him to expand the Pastoral and people oriented programmes of the diocese in place by his predececessor.

17th December 2017


Anglican Diocese of Zonkwa led by Bishop Kwashi has been of great assistance to North West Zone. Pray that the God will continue to give him more wisdom to work in His vine yard in Jesus Name.

20th December 2017


Pray for all security agencies in the country for God’s enablement to strengthen security strategy and networks for a growth development and peaceful co-existence.

23rd December 2017


Pray for Women in Neighborhood Ventures (WONEV), Ilorin, that God will continue to help them to take the right decision to move the organization forward.

26th December 2017


Today is “Boxing Day”. Pray that people will show true love to each other through given and receiving.

29th December 2017


Pray for YMCA Mada Hills in Lafia, Nasarawa State for wisdom in their work as it trains youth and work in areas of agriculture and planning to complete their guesthouse.

1st January 2018


As CRUDAN New Phase began this year, pray for new determinations and commitment to carry out whatever work/tasks effectively (Psalms 84:11)

4th January 2018


Pray for YMCA Mada Hills in Lafia, Nasarawa State for continued funding as they reach out to youth through training and skills acquisition.

7th January 2018


Thank God for keeping CRUDAN Southwest members, families, friends & relations safe and for providing their needs. Pray that they will be committed and focus in the years ahead.

10th January 2018


Pray for PIRA Foundation for God’s provision as they empower youth and women to live purposeful and successful lives and impact humanity positively. They are also in need of office accommodation, office equipment/furniture, mobility, generator and funds for their activities.

13th January 2018


Pray for wisdom for management team of EYN ICBDP Garkida as they work to promote spirit of wholistic and participatory development in target communities.

16th January 2018


Thank God for Christ Our Savior Gospel Ministries, Oshodi Lagos State. Pray for strength and grace to press on and especially for wisdom for their leadership and other workers.

19th January 2018


Pray for the Community Mobilization/Developmental Initiatives of Patris Empowerment Initiative in Jenta Ward of Jos North LGA, Plateau State for God’s grace as they work in the community for greater impact.

22nd January 2018


Thank God for His provision in these difficult times and His sustenance upon the lives of families and friends of CRUDAN who are faced with numerous challenges such as housing and school fees.

25th January 2018


Pray for the John Abah Memorial Special School (for Children with Disabilities), Ojuwo Igah, Olamaboro LGA, Kogi State, for enablement and wisdom as they work toward having income generating projects for their sustainability.

28th January 2018


Pray for God’s protection for all CRUDAN Programme staff as they travel across the zones and country for their work.

31st January 2018


Barr. (Mrs.) Kate Alkali, CEO of Harmony Trends, Abuja is a committed member of CRUDAN, pray that God will grant her good health and success in her effort to mentor young children and provide services to broken homes.

3rd February 2018


Pray for the Church of Holy Spirit Mission Akowonjo, Lagos State that God would open wider doors of favor and grant them success.

6th February 2018


As CRUDAN observe her day of prayers today. Pray that God will answer the prayers according to His will and purpose for CRUDAN.

9th February 2018


Pray for Christians to see the need to participate and invest in CRUDAN trainings for personal development and spiritual enrichment of their lives.

12th February 2018


Pray that the Lord will grant concerned staff the grace, strength and required knowledge for the task of producing the CRUDAN Newsletter and Prayer bulletin

15th February 2018


Pray for the victims of domestic and Gender Based Violence who are mostly women and children, for God to protect them and meet their needs always.

18th February 2018


Thank God for Daughters of Abraham Abuja who are transforming lives of people in the communities. Pray that God will help them to bring more transformation and changes in their lives and that there will be physical manifestation on such changes.

21st February 2018


The involvement of Members of the Central Zone in addressing relevant developmental and humanitarian challenges is highly needed. Pray that Churches will be awaken to its God given mandate as the zone seeks to partner with them.

24th February 2018


Mrs. Enoabasi Unogu is committed to Social reformation of Women & vulnerable children in the CRUDAN South west zone. Pray for God’s provision for her to meet all her needs.

27th February 2018


Pray for God’s wisdom for staff to implement the compliance policy as the carry out their work

2nd March, 2018.


Pray for the new Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Ekiti West, Rt. Rev. Samuel Adepoju that God will grant him divine wisdom as he continues the wholistic development of the Diocese.

5th March, 2018.


Pray for the church of Holy Spirit Mission Akowonjo Lagos that God will bless their work and expand their work.

8th March, 2018.


Pray for God’s intervention in the lingering ethno-religious crises in Barkin Ladi and Riyom LGAs and environs in Plateau State which has brought untold hardship, stress and loss of loved ones and properties to many. Pray also for courage and wisdom for leaders to address the root causes of the problems.

11th March, 2018.


Pray for Foundation for Leadership & Education Development (FLED) and Movement for Christian Community Services of Nigeria (MCCSN) who are faced with challenges of funding and manpower in reaching out to young people to groom and mentor them for leadership positions in the future and that God will bring vision helpers to support their work.

14th March, 2018.


Pray for the Southeast Governance Network that as it goes through a process of reorganization, that it will come out stronger.

17th March, 2018.


Pray for God intervention for Central Region Development Commission (CEDECOM) in CRUDAN Central Zone that is faced with challenges of project sustainability, poor resource mobilization skills that God will meet their needs.

20th March, 2018.


Thank God for Action Task Committee on Education Sector (ATCES) for working with CRUDAN in the implementation of the community needs assessment in South zone.

23rd March, 2018.


Today is “World Meteorological Day”. As Meteorologists provide information about the atmosphere, weather, and other things that shape our world, pray that God will grand them wisdom to predict accurately disasters, prevent more destruction and learn more about other environmental issues.

3rd July 2017

Mon. Thank God for CRUDAN’s Wholistic Development work in the country ranging from ministering to the needy, giving voice to the voiceless and hope to the less privileged, providing relief materials to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), etc. through the humanitarian intervention in the North east, and elsewhere.

6th July 2017

Thu. Thank God for the success of activities carried out in Central Zone during last quarter of the year, such as Proposal Writing, PRA/PLA and Trauma Counseling. Pray for Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Kathy Life Builder Foundation, POD of ECWA, CCDP Panyam who participated in the activities to impact the lives of their beneficiaries with knowledge gained.

9th July 2017

Sun. Pray for God’s favor for CRUDAN members that are seeking funds and support in and outside the country to meet their needs for the smooth implementation of their programmes.

12th July 2017

Wed. God for the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Armed Forces for restoring peace in most parts of the nation and facilitating the rescuing of some abducted Chibok girls and others in the North east.

15th July 2017

Sat. Thank God for a successful CAN FCT election which saw Rev. Dr. Samson Jonah emerge as Chairman. Pray for wisdom and guidance as he steers the affairs of the body to the glory of God.

18th July 2017

Tue. Pray that richer Christians and churches will spend their God-given wealth in helping the poor and empowering the people, not just Christian, but also those whom the Church can reach with the Good News.

21th July 2017

Fri. Pray for Sojourners Missions Kachia for financial provision to meet their needs. Pray also for the Executive Director, Mrs. Ada for God’s wisdom to pilot the affairs of the organization.

24th July 2017

Mon. for God’s wisdom and understanding for stakeholders of some tertiary institutions of learning in the country that have been on strike to resolve their differences and call back the strike action for the interest of the students.

27th July 2017

Thu. Pray for participants of Monitoring & Evaluation, and Life Skill & Family Education workshops carried out in CRUDAN Central Zone in the last six (6) months, that they will use the acquired knowledge and skills in their daily life as well as implement their actions plans.

30th July 2017

Sun. Pray for Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) that is into rural development especially in areas of water and sanitation, health and livelihoods for God to bless them and their partners in the work.

2nd August 2017

Wed. Thank God for Shallomi International in the North East zone who are working with the Internally Displaced Persons, less privileged and traumatized persons. Pray that the Lord will provide the resources needed for the ministry.

5th August 2017

Sat. Pray for God’s protection and guidance for CRUDAN/ Oxfam /Tear fund Staff as the embark on humanitarian aid in the North east area of Nigeria.

8th August 2017

Tues. Teenage Girls Empowerment Centre in Jos, addresses the needs of vulnerable groups. Pray for the success of their skills acquisition/Income generating and life skills activities. Pray also for God’s strength for the girls to use the knowledge and skills they acquired appropriately.

11th August 2017

Fri. Thank God for giving HOVIPAD an office in a strategic location in Maiduguri for her smooth intervention in the area.

14th August 2017

Mon. Pray for Pastor Rex Ajenifuja of Hope for HIV/AIDS International for more anointing, provision and divine health/wisdom to fulfill God’s mandate in his life.

17th August 2017


Pray for God’s open doors for Catholic Centre for Life, Ijebu Ode as they make effort to source for funds toward implementing their programmes

20th August 2017


Pray for protection and blessing of God upon the 35 Facilitators and Supervisors of the Yohans Adult Education for their voluntary services.

23th August 2017


Pray for ADVANCE core team for wisdom and strength as they bring genuine spirituality to the forefront of Christian social justice and practice and create meaningful and inspiring experiences for all our local staff and volunteers across Nigeria.


26th August 2017


Pray for Wisdom and guidance for the ADVANCE team as it continues to create opportunities for orphans, widows and people living with HIV and AIDS to build their lives, protect themselves, and gain the skills and confidence they need to face the challenges of life and feel empowered to change the communities around them.



29th August 2017


Pray for the financial growth of the increasing number of orphanages in the Central Zone. Pray for God’s favour in raising friends that will support the care of the children in a wholistic manner.


1st September 2017


Pray for Mr. Stephen Aremu of Hope for Family Development Initiatives in CRUDAN SWZ for God’s provision of needed resources to meet the needs of single parents for improved life.

4th September 2017


Thank God for Rev and Mrs. I. Majam as they steer the affairs of Harvest Leaders Network Nigeria, for good health and provision even as they embark on numerous journeys.

7th September 2017


Pray with YVAAE Initiative of CRUDAN Central Zone for diversified funding so as to meet up with their vision of providing youths with various skills to reduce the rate of unemployment among them.

10th September 2017


Pray for Foundation for Food Empowerment Development, Lagos State for God’s enablement to achieve its vision and contribute to food supply in the country through its food empowerment programme.

13th September 2017


Pray for CAN Jigawa and Katsina States for smooth working relationship with the government to and for the government grant them proper places where they can build churches.

16th September 2017


Today is “International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer”. Pray for increase protection of Human Health and Environment and that people will become aware of the effects of negative activities and take necessary actions.

19th September 2017


Pray for God’s wisdom for the CRUDAN liaison Officer as he engages with development partners such as the UNOCHA, FAO, NCTO and other actors in the humanitarian sector so that results will manifest.

22nd September 2017


Pray for Rev. Mrs. Sarah Oladimeji of Nigeria Baptist Convention for protection, wisdom and provision in all her endeavors, especially as she continues to build God’s family.

25th September 2017


Pray for adequate provisions of humanitarian aid for IDP’s who had relocated to their homes. Pray also for effective and accountable distribution of relief materials to the most vulnerable persons affected by insurgences.

28th September 2017


CRUDAN Social Accountability and Justice Programmefocuses in area of Waste Management in Urban communities this year. Pray for transparency and greater impact in the society.

1st October 2017


Today marks “Nigerian Independence”. Pray that this generation and future ones will remain focused on the ideals and vision of the pioneer leaders. Today also marks “International Day for Older persons”. Pray against all forms of discrimination and social exclusion against Older Persons to economic and social development. Pray also for a socially and economically active, secure and healthy ageing population.

4th October 2017


Baba (Rev Dr.) Mike Oye in the South west zone and its Trustee, is into Evangelism & Herbal Health education. Pray for divine health, more anointing & grace to finish well & strong.

7th October 2017


The ministry of helping people to help themselves (wholisticdevelopment) is very demanding and expensive. Pray for CRUDAN members, that the Lord will open them up to more creative ways of mobilizing resources for their work.

10th October 2017


Todayis “World Mental Day”. Pray for the successful celebration and for more funding to promote mental health in order to increase people’s awareness on illnesses, as well as investment in prevention and treatment services.

13th October 2017


Thank God for the Oxfam (GB) PRO-ACTProject : European Union support to food security and Resilience in Northern Nigeria. Pray that the project will achieve its desired goals.

16th October 2017


Pray for divine provision of fund for Pastor Unogu George Chibuike of the RCCG Lagos Province 4 as he engages in empowerment and skill development for youths.

19th October 2017


Thank God for Christ the King Home, Ijebu-Jesa Road, Ilesa for their deep love for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Pray for success of their plans for the less privileged and for more skills and strength for the proprietor to develop more programs for building the capacities of these people towards helping themselves rather than waiting for gifts.

22nd October 2017


Pray that God will open doors of blessings for HOVIPAD for grant to intervene in Jalingo, Yola and Maiduguri project sites. Pray also that God will help them increase their staff and build the capacity of the new staff for the implementation of the new projects.

25th October 2017


Pray for Pathway Global Foundation in CRUDAN Central Zone for strength and wisdom as they network with CRUDAN to build the capacity of youth, children and the communities they work with.

28th October 2017


CRUDAN is facing challenges in its drive for financial sustainability. Pray that all stakeholders will show understanding, and be united in the pursuit of this objectives to help the organization achieve its mission.

31st October 2017


Today marks “World’s Cities Day”. Pray for available resources for the Government to provide basic services such as water and sanitation to people in the cities as half of the population lives in urban areas. Pray also for God’s provision for Civil Society Organizations and all other relevant stakeholders to observe and raise awareness about the Day

3rd November 2017


ADVANCE is continually embarking on Child Abuse Prevention and Protection vision trips around churches in Nigeria. Pray that our stakeholders and supporters within and outside the church will understand the plight of our children and be moved to embrace our “Child Protection Training” Programme both in Spiritual and Social engagements

6th November 2017


Today marks “International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict”. It has been observed that at least 40 percent of all internal conflicts have been linked to the exploitation of natural resources. Pray for the governments to be more pro-active in exploring conflict prevention, peacekeeping and peace building as strategies for durable peace and sustainable live hood.

9th November 2017


Pray for Peniel Global Foundation, Oshogbo. Thank God for what the Lord is doing in the foundation. Also, pray that the organization will share effectively on youth empowerment and family life skills development issues.

12th November 2017


Pray for Clearview Integrity Foundation (CIF) in the North east who are in need of land in a strategic location to build a permanent office accommodation for smooth operations.

15th November 2017


Pray for Heal the Youth Foundation and Egunec Education Support Foundation that God will grant them creativity in their approaches as they reach out to the youths in the Central Zone of CRUDAN.

18th November 2017


Pray for God’s grace for the leadership of Family Reformation and Community Development Initiative (FARCOD) Abakaliki Ebonyi State as it implements activities to transform the lives of community members.

21st November 2017


Pray for divine wisdom in equipping and the necessary furnishings of the HOVIPAD office as they lunch the third year of their operations as an organization.

24th November 2017


Global Relief is into disaster response. Pray that God will continue to help them coordinate issues bordering on networking organizations.

27th November 2017


Pray for Grassroots Mission Development Centre (GRAMIC) that God will bless them with supporters and helpers so as to implement programmes and improve their services.

30th November 2017


As Mission Supporters League seeks to raise support and supporters for missionaries in the field, pray that the staff will also enjoy support so that they will not be weary as they hold up the hands of missionaries.

3rd December 2017


Today is International Day of people with Disability”. Pray for people’s understanding of disability issues and for support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disability as well as increase integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

6th December 2017


Pray for God’s grace and enablement for the successful implementation of the CRUDAN reviewed strategic plans 2018- 2020.

9th December 2017


As the World marks “International Anti-Corruption Day” today; pray for wisdom for the Anti-corruption agencies in Nigeria to fight against this menace that deters development.

12th December 2017


Pray for stronger ties and collaboration between the Central Zone and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). Pray also for smooth working relationship in addressing issues of advocacy and development through the church.

15th December 2017


Thank God for the strong partnership that has existed between ACET Nigeria and Save the Children International since September 2014. Pray for successful implementation of the collaboration and subsequent outcomes.

18th December 2017


The Three-Tiers of the government have been awarding contracts for the construction and rehabilitation of many roads which have become death traps in the country. Pray that supervisors and contractors will do their jobs well and that road users will not do things that will damage the roads.

21st December 2017


The Mother’s Union of Women’s Guild (Anglican) Makurdi, is implementing issues bordering on Safe Motherhood, Cancer Prevention and addressing Gender Based Violence and also Self-Help Groups. Pray for the women that they have been reached and those in the rural areas to use knowledge and skills acquired.

24th December 2017


Pray for Church of Christ in Nation (COCIN) Community Development Programme (CCDP) Panyam, Plateau State, for God’s financial provision to implement grassroots development.

27th December 2017


POD of ECWA need funds to enable them develop their landed property along Zaria road, Jos, into a sustainability resource base. Pray for God’s financial breakthrough.

30th December 2017


Pray for Urban Ministry in Jos, Plateau State as the staff seek to revamp the organization and bring on major activities that will make the organization relevant in its community and be able to attract funding.

2nd January 2018


Pray for CRUDAN staff and members generally that they would be able to utilize their God given gifts, talents, skills and abilities to effectively impact other people’s lives (Exodus 35:30-35)

5th January 2018


Pray for an effective partnership and collaboration between CRUDAN and Oxfam (GB) in the implementation of the PRO-ACT Project in the Northeast.

8th January 2018


Pray for WACLAI, an CRUDAN Member Organization in CRUDAN NWZ, that the Lord will CONTINUE TO bless them with a land to build their office Secretariat.

11th January 2018


Pray for Nigerian leaders for unity at the various tiers of government- the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary that their efforts shall translate into improved living conditions for the citizenry

14th January 2018


Thank God for CRUDAN for providing consultancy services such as Evaluations, Organizational Development, and Strategic Planning for various stakeholders in 2017. Pray for God’s open doors for more consultancy services this year.

17th January 2018


The anti-open grazing reserve bill has been passed in Benue State and, there have been agitations from herdsmen in the State. Pray for a just implementation of the policy in order to forestall attacks of any kind in the State.

20th January 2018


Pray for widows and orphans that God will continue to help them and meet their needs. Pray for CRUDAN MOs and IMs working with them that God will use them to meet their needs.

3rd January 2018


Pray for God to continue to provide resources for FCS to reach out to students in Secondary, Tertiary schools and young people in this challenging generation.

26th January 2018


Pray for Care NGO Kaduna who are having challenge with their plots of land that the Lord will give them victory as it relates to right of occupancy and ownership.

29th January 2018


Pray for God’s provision for CRUDAN Donors e.g. Bread for the World (Germany), Tearfund (UK) and Oxfam (GB).

1st February 2018


Thank God for the efforts of the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy (DMMM) in making life meaningful for the poor and vulnerable women etc. Pray that God will provide for them and grant them the wisdom to extend the frontier of sustainable community development

4th February 2018


Today marks “World Cancer Day”. Pray for Non-Governmental Organizations in the country for God’s provision to fight against cancer in the areas of prevention, early detection, treatment and care.

7th February 2018


Thank God for His continuous protection over the CRUDAN security/premises. Pray that such will continue to the glory of His name.

10th February 2018


Pray for the Zonal Administrative-Assistant, David Abiola for more wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all his endeavors as he performs his duties.

13th February 2018


Pray for the vulnerable women and girls at risk of prostitution to be more receptive to the gospel and those who have been touched will boldly step out and live Godly life style.

16th February 2018


Thank God for Methodist Women Fellowship Care Centre for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Ilesa, Osun State. Pray for the caregivers and the leadership of the organization, that God will grant them the grace to persevere and press on.

19th February 2018


Pray for Pastor Laide Bakare of RAPAC for God to continue to protect her and bless her effort in the ministry.

22nd February 2018


A network is strong if the members are strong and active. Pray for the members of DO NO HARM Network to bring up ideas and contributions that the network can run with all partners and that more people and organizations will join.

25th February 2018


Pray for God’s grace for CRUDAN to meet its own means this year and beyond. Pray also that those approached; churches, individuals, organizations, etc. will catch the vision and mission of the organization and be willing to donate generously.

28th February 2018


Pray for the South west zone that there will be increase in the number of members across Christian organizations/churches, establishment and states.

3rd March, 2018.


Pray for God’s divine guidance, peace and protection during the last months of the year for all CRUDAN staff both at the zones and Headquarter.

6th March, 2018.


Pray for JDPC Yola Catholic Dioccese for God’s provision as it bears the burden of feeding and caring for thousands of displaced persons in the Northeast zone.

9th March, 2018.


Pray that the proposed collaboration between CRUDAN Southeat and Christian Aid Nigeria/UK to implement some projects will be a reality hence increasing CRUDAN own means.

12th March, 2018.


CRUDAN Programme areas include: Community Development; Women and Youth Programme; Disaster Risk Reduction & Peace Building; Social Accountability and Justice; Do No Harm; Institutional Development and Networking and Advocacy, Environmental, Economics and Sustainability. Pray for God’s grace for CRUDAN’s Programme Staff and for more wisdom and understanding as they implement these programmes in their zones.

15th March, 2018.


Pray for Rev. Eric Ighalo, CRUDAN Board Chairperson that God will keep granting him good health and protection as he travels round the country.

18th March, 2018.


Pray for Emeritus Bishop of Ikiti West Anglican Diocese, Rt. Rev. Samuel Oke that God will grant him strength in retirement and keep blessing him with good health.

21st March, 2018.


Thank God for the success of phase one of the Youth Empowerment Programme of Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church, Akure, Ondo State state. Pray that God will grant them success in this new phase.

24th March, 2018.


Thank God for ECWA Goodnews Church Bukuru Jos Plateau State for their support in implementing CRUDAN project for the youth in Kugiya community. Pray that God will meet their expectations and that their zeal will increase day by day.

You can download a full copy of our prayer Bulletin from April 2017 to Feb 2018 here:

PRAYER BULLETIN- July 2017 to February 2018

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