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Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

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Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria


The Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria (CRUDAN) is a Christian, non-profit, Non-Governmental Organisation. It is a membership organisation that has as its members – Churches, Christian Organisations, and individual Christians that are engaged or interested in development work in Nigeria.
CRUDAN operates in five (5) zones namely Central Zone with its zonal office in Jos, Northeast with its zonal office in Yola, Northwest with its zonal office in Kaduna, Southeast with its zonal office in Enugu, and Southwest with its zonal office in Ibadan.
CRUDAN is looking for a person to fill the vacant position of a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of CRUDAN Programs as follows:

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Team: Programme Management Team
Job Location: Jos, CRUDAN Headquarters.
Responsible to: Executive Director
Purpose of the Team:
To contribute to CRUDAN’s corporate vision of facilitating wholistic community transformation with the Church as agent of change, manifesting the kingdom of God in earth.
Age Range: 25 – 35 years
Gender: Both males and females are eligible to apply


1. Living an exemplary Christian Life and doing his/her work diligently as unto the Lord, and make self, available as counsellor and friend.
2. Ensuring that baseline surveys are conducted with the informed consent and participation of the programme beneficiaries.
3. Ensuring that our monitoring systems include mechanisms for beneficiaries to participate and to feedback their comments on the programme, and
4. Recognition of the indicators of the output for improved accountability to beneficiaries.


The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer is specifically responsible for;
• Assisting in producing, networking and to store up-to-date resources (database) that support the organisation’s communication and outreach.
• Monitoring and evaluating data collection activities, survey work and analytical sessions.
• Ensuring field data is gathered and registered, ensuring the quality of data entered and helping to produce initial statistical analyses.
• Assisting in the training and education of partner organisations and clients in M&E.


The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer reports to the Executive Director and is accountable to all stakeholder groups.


Setting up the M&E system
• Help revise the programme logframe matrix, particularly in the areas of the objective hierarchy, indicators and monitoring mechanisms.
• Help develop the Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWPB).
• Develop the overall framework for programme M&E, for example, annual programme reviews, participatory impact assessments, process monitoring, operations monitoring and lessons-learned workshops.
• Guide the process for identifying and designing the key indicators for each component, to record and report physical progress against the AWPB.
• Guide the process for identifying the key performance questions and parameters for monitoring programme performance and comparing it to targets.
• Design the format for monitoring programme performance reports.
• Clarify the core information needs of programme management, the Board, supporting partners and the cooperating institution.
• With stakeholders, set out the framework and procedures for the evaluation of programme activities.
• Review the quality of existing socio-economic data in the programme area, the methods of collecting it and the degree to which it will provide good baseline statistics for impact evaluation.
• With the partners, review their existing approaches and management information systems and agree on any required changes, support and resources.
• Develop a plan for project-related capacity-building on M&E and for any computer-based support that may be required.
• Organise and undertake training with stakeholders, including primary stakeholders, in M&E skills, including participatory aspects.


• Based on the AWPB and in particular the programme budgets, design the framework for the physical and process monitoring of project activities.
• Guide staff and implementing partners in preparing their progress reports. Together, analyse these reports in terms of problems and actions needed. Prepare consolidated progress reports for Management Team to submit to the relevant bodies, in accordance with approved reporting formats and timing.
• Review monitoring reports, analyse them for impact evaluation and to identify the causes of potential bottlenecks in programme implementation.
• Collaborate with staff and implementing partners on qualitative monitoring to provide relevant information for ongoing evaluation of programme activities, effects and impacts.
• Foster participatory planning and monitoring by training and involving primary stakeholder groups in the M&E of activities.
• Identify the need and draw up the TORs for specific project studies.
• Inform and join external supervision and evaluation missions by screening and analysing monitoring reports as well as by furnishing direct personal knowledge of the field situation.
• Organise (and provide) refresher training in M&E for programme and implementing partner staff, local organisations and primary stakeholders.
• Plan for regular opportunities to identify lessons learned and implications for the programme’s next steps.


• Prepare reports on M&E findings, as required, working closely with the Director of, programme, staff and implementing partners.
• Undertake regular visits to the field to support implementation of M&E and to identify where adaptations might be needed.
• Guide the regular sharing of the outputs of M&E findings with programme staff, implementing partners and primary stakeholders.
• In collaboration with the administrator, provide the Executive Director with management information that may be required.
• Make regular reports to the Board/Executive Committee and Management, highlighting areas of concern and preparing the documentation for review at meetings.
• Check that monitoring data are discussed in the appropriate forum and in a timely fashion. If necessary, create such discussion forum to fill any gaps.
• Participate in external evaluations and facilitate team members’ access to M&E data and to stakeholders.
• Additional duties as assigned by the Executive Director/CEO.


• Degree level education, or equivalent, in development studies, Management or related social science.


At least several years of proven experience with:
• Experience of working with Churches in Nigeria
• Knowledge and understanding of Wholistic Development.
• Not less than 3 years experience in project cycle management.
• Knowledge of Social issues in a development context.
• the logical framework approach and other strategic planning approaches;
• M&E methods and approaches (including quantitative, qualitative and participatory);
• planning and implementation of M&E systems;
• training in M&E development and implementation;
• facilitating learning-oriented analysis sessions of M&E data with multiple stakeholders;
• Information analysis and report writing.


• a solid understanding of rural development, with a focus on participatory processes, joint management, and gender issues;
• familiarity with and a supportive attitude towards processes of strengthening local organisations and building local capacities for self-management;
• willing to undertake regular field visits and interact with different stakeholders, especially primary stakeholders;
• computer skills;
• Leadership qualities, personnel and team management (including mediation and conflict resolution).


• Experience in M&E system design;
• Experience in data processing and with computers.
• Masters degree in development studies or related social science/Humanities.
• Knowledge of social issues in a development context.
• Ability to relate to people from a variety of diverse cultural backgrounds.


• Committed Christian and active in a local church.
• Ability to work calmly under pressure.
• Flexible attitude to work
• Ability to gain trust and support of colleagues
• Good Team player.
• Ability to meet deadlines, targets and work proactively with others to meet shared responsibilities.
• Ability to relate to people from a variety of diverse cultural backgrounds

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About the Church

About the Church

In Matthew 6:10 Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The church is the kingdom of God on earth, Now do you think the will of God is been carried out in the church as it is in heaven?

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