Nigeria’s Human Development Index requires that collective efforts should be geared towards changing the worrisome situation. Inclusive and human-faced policies are imperative to carry disadvantaged groups along in the country’s development agenda. The number of children out-of-school and persons unemployed must be zeroed significantly in order to tame rising level of human insecurity in the country. Our collective efforts should be focused on eliminating loss of lives due to preventable or treatable diseases especially complications arising from HIV and other communicable diseases. Change in attitudes, orientation, process and structures of leadership in all segments of our society is inevitable. The lack of political will to stamp out corruption, poverty, ignorance and wasteful application of economic resources has to be challenged by our collective resolve and high senses of responsibility.

To this end, CRUDAN is working with 50 organizations (Churches and mainline Civil Society Organizations) and 100 church and community leaders in order to ensure that the quality of life of its citizens and the country’s service delivery environment is enhanced especially to make development indices better in the health, education, psycho – social needs and wellbeing, household care and economic strengthening so as to benefit 13, 345 people by 2016. Of this number, 40% are women while 60% are men. Youths comprise about 10% of this population combined.

We invite you and your organization to participate in all our activities in which we are enabling communities and their active religious and community leaders to achieve sustained community-based disaster risks reduction; build peace; attain enhanced sexual and reproductive health; and justice. By these, the livelihoods ofseveral households will be positively imparted. Our pool of program facilitators, leading experts and practitioners covering a wide range of development-related issues will work assiduously to give people the tools to turn their back on poverty and injustice. As a credible learning and advocacy hub for civil society in Nigeria, we will work with you by building your capacity so that collectively we shall contribute to Capacity Building and Advocacy for Sustainable Development and Community Transformation. We are positioned to collaborate with public and private establishments – government, the media and business enterprises; NGO- community groups, development –focused organizations, Unions, Churches and theological institutions that are willing to remodel, retool and upscale their skills mix, program approaches, articulate strategic processes so as to create positive resource-efficiency and effectiveness.

Mrs. Ruth Dul

Executive Director

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