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CRUDAN is Appreciating God for the success of Specialized, Prioritized, Intervention for Organizations and Development Workshop held at CRUDAN Headquarters from 17th – 21st September, 2018.>

Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria(CRUDAN).

CRUDAN is a capacity enhancement organization for the development-focused industry in Nigeria. We are positioned to help you remodel, retool and upscale your skills-mix, program approaches and articulate strategic processes that result in resource-efficiency and effectiveness.

We enable institutions, organizations and the Church in Nigeria to empower the poor in the name of Jesus Christ. Read more …


CRUDAN is appreciating God for a successful Christmas Holy Day and for bringing back staff members to their offices savely. May the name of the Lord be praised.

About the Church

In Matthew 6:10 Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The church is the kingdom of God on earth, Now do you think the will of God is been carried out in the church as it is in heaven?

Highlights of 1st Quarter Board being held at CRUDAN headquarters.       11th-13th April 2018 .

CRUDAN Tearfund Relief Material distribution

When natural disasters and humanitarian crises strike, communities are often devastated and left vulnerable, having little access to some of life's essentials, such as food, clean water, shelter, and basic services. While they must deal with the tragic loss of human...

Faith-based Advocacy on Climate Change

We are united as Christian leaders in our concern for the well-being of our neighbors and of God's good creation that provides life and livelihood for all God's creatures. Daily we see and hear the evidence of a rapidly changing climate. Glaciers are disappearing, the...


Our Target

Our Methodology is using participatory learning methods such as Lecturette, Buzz Sessions, Plenary sessions, Small Group Discussions, Case Studies, Brainstorming, Questions and Answers, Role Playing, other Experiential Exercises and Arts, that ensure the acquisition of Knowledge, skills attitudes and abilities. Participate return to their organisations transformed after participating in capacity enhancement programs of CRUDAN.

Vacancy here









Our tragets are Public and Private institutions/establishments including but not limited to practitioners/professioners and non-professionals in the formal and informal NGO, the media, Government, tertiary and research-based institutions, church denominations, Christian development organization, Theological institutions

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Apart from a more professional, secured and state-of-the-art design

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Our Core Values

Recognizing the Sovereignty of God in all of Life and the Supremacy of His revelation...

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God's Kingdom

Our ultimate goal is the Kingdom of God-Love, Justice, Righteousness and peace with God, One another and the enviroment.

Partnership & Networking

We value independence in relationships, recognition of rights and responsibilities and mutual sharing of resources, commitment and benefits.

Participation of People

Local initiative, responsibility, ownership and judicious use of resources) as imperativefor sustainable development.


We recognize and respect the rights of all(men, women, children, differently-abled, etc) to be and to act as intended by God.

Rural and Urban Development Work

A membership organization with members from Churches, christian bodies and individuals engaged in development activities
Core ValuesVision and Mission

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